This project is a book design project based on the article “Consider the Lobster” by David Foster Wallace. I designed 2 versions of the book. The first one focuses only on legibility. The second one is based more on personal interpretation.

My idea of the second book is “layer/puzzle”. In the article, the authors talks a lot about the lobster, but more than that, he talks about us, humans and how we consume other species. It is like a positive/negative of which we see the representation and shadow. So I designed the cover as a folded piece. Readers may interact with the piece and see what underneath “Consider the Lobster” is actually “Consider US”.
I also played with symbols and directions to make the idea of layer/puzzle stronger. The circle in a box can be seen as either the positive or negative; the direction to read is also not clear, which forces the readers to figure out by spending time with the actual piece.